What You Can Do


The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights relies on the assistance of friends in a number of capacities. First, it is a collaborative scholarly venture; a conversation between people with similar interests and different expertise. Second, it is a research project funded by individuals and foundations with like minds and an interest in the advancement of the study of gender, security and human rights. Third, it likes to provide its members with as much various and up-to-date information as possible, which it can only do with your help. The Boston Consortium would be grateful for your contribution, participation, and conversation.


The Consortium is looking for both intellectual and financial partners. Please see our contact page in order to begin a discussion on collaboration or sponsorship with Dr. Carol Cohn.


The Consortium also thrives with the assistance of our volunteers. We offer formal internships where interns can focus on research as well as the nuts and bolts of running of a non-profit research organization.



We also have a need for more ad hoc volunteer efforts from people with expertise in non-profit management and development, technology, graphics design, editing, and grant-writing. We would greatly appreciate your donation of your time and skills to the Consortium's efforts.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email the Boston Consortium for more information, and fill out our Information Form.

Please return the information form to carol.cohn@genderandsecurity.org.