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The best way to reach Boston Consortium Director Carol Cohn is by email. She is much more likely to receive and respond to email in a timely manner than postal mail.

Another way to be in touch with the Boston Consortium for Gender, Security and Human Rights is to join our listserv. As a member of our listserv, you will receive updates about Consortium meetings, research developments, and research opportunities. If you would like to be on our listserv, email

For any other information about or questions concerning the Boston Consortium, contact, or continue to explore our home on the internet.



The Boston Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights relies on the assistance of friends in a number of capacities. First, it is a collaborative scholarly venture; a conversation between people with similar interests and different expertise. Second, it is a research project funded by individuals and foundations with like minds and an interest in the advancement of the study of gender, security and human rights. Third, it likes to provide its members with as much various and up-to-date information as possible, which it can only do with your help. The Boston Consortium would be grateful for your participation, contribution, and conversation.